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Local, Regional and National Award Winning Television Programming
RMG is an industry leader in the development, production and distribution of programming that is unique in content and effective in its exposure and delivery.

Since RMG controls every element within our programs, the opportunities for sponsors and advertisers are limitless. From commercial advertising to product placement to in-program sponsorships to developing and distributing your program concept, RMG's programs provide simple, cost-effective methods of promoting brands, companies and concepts locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

Contact RMG's Advertising Sales Department at
(814) 443-0703 Ext 1101 or via email at for more information on how you can use RMG's programs help to promote your company.
RMG Sports

RMG Sports combines award-winning production and talent with unique, sought after local and regional content and then distributes the programs on regional sports networks that reach millions.

From high school to college to professional teams, leagues and series, RMG Sports' programs provide unique opportunities, both on and off the air.

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RMG Real Estate Marketing

If your business caters to home owners or soon-to-be home owners, RMG's Real Estate Marketing TV Programs are a perfect place for your message.

Our programs are some of the most popular in the region and can place your company's message right in front of people who are interested in buying, selling or improving their home.

So, if you in the business of financing, construction, remodelling, landscaping, carpeting, painting, moving, storing, or any other company that caters to our audience, you could contact us immediately!

Are you a broker, owner or agent who is interested in having a weekly television program produced to promote your listings and services? Contact us today and see how easy and affordable RMG can make it for you!

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