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RMG's Business Support Services

Since our start in 2000, RMG is proud to have worked with groups and businesses of all size in the areas of education, marketing, promotions and entertainment. RMG has earned over thirty national and international awards for our productions and has the experience, tools, talent and creativity to exceed your expectations.

In addition to our traditional productions, RMG also offers multi-cam LIVE STREAMING and LIVE TO MEDIA recording services on location or in our studio in Somerset, PA.

RMG also provides aerial video services.
Click here to learn more about our FAA Licensed Drone services.

Below are some samples of the types of productions we have completed over our two decades of business.

Employee/Contractor/Subcontractor Safety Training
  • Ensure that your message is consistently presented every time it is delivered.
  • Eliminate the costs involved with sending instructors to numerous locations to provide safety training.
  • Improve the quality and retention of the information as it is presented in an entertaining format.
  • Allow employees, contractors and subcontractors the ability to reference information as well as watch and learn at their own pace (eliminate lost manhours by forcing everyone into a conference/class room).
  • Ensure contractors and subcontractors receive the proper and required training thus reducing the risk of injury or possible legal action taken against your company.

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Cause Awareness and Fund Raising
  • Present your organization's unique story and SHOW potential donors and supporters why they should help you and your cause.
  • Create an effective production that can be shown during tours, trade shows and other public outings that will further educate potential donors to your cause.
  • Showcase your video on your organization's web site allowing it to work as a 24/7 multi-screen sales asset.
  • Combine your video with a low or no cost social media campaign that can showcase your cause to millions via YouTube, Facebook and other outlets.

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  • Increase sales potential by SHOWING customers HOW your product works and how much BETTER it is than your competition's.
  • Improve your sales leads by providing your sales staff with an informed customer.
  • Ensure that your message is consistently presented correctly and in an entertaining and informative manner.
  • Improve your clients' and or potential clients' experience with your product by making it easier to learn how to use through instructional videos.

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Marketing & Business Promotion
  • Educate customers as to the many features and benefits of our products and services.
  • Trade Show Displays - use videos to assist your on-site representatives to demonstrate your product or service.
  • Web Site Videos - enhance your web site and educate your customers 24/7 by showing them your product or service in action.
  • Social Media - distribute up to the minute information about your product or service via YouTube, Facebook and other FREE social media sites.

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Television and Internet Advertising
  • Show potential clients and customers what makes your company different than others - tell your unique story.
  • Create a multi-screen campaign using television, social media and your web site to showcase your product to millions.
  • From ten second commercials to thirty minute infomercials, RMG has the tools, talent and facilities to create national-quality productions and campaigns.

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